[LASS] 11eyes



"11eyes" as the name suggests is the meaning of 11 eyes, people have 2 eyes, said to be 11 eyes, that is to say, one of the 6 people has only one eye, this work is the Japanese lass society in 2008 released GAL game works In the "red night" shrouded in another world, unknown enemies (aliens) attacked. 6 people fight a terrifying enemy. The legendary adventure story of Another World Gakuen begins.   5 years ago, the sister committed suicide, and the one-eyed teenager Gao Yue drove lost his only relative. Thanks to the brave help of Aome Takema Mizunase Yuka (ゆか), Drive was able to continue to live a peaceful life. However, the drive is still filled with a sense of emptiness, spending lazy days without any hope for the future.   Soon after, the two went to the Emerging Urban Academy together, and their fate changed dramatically. Without warning, the two enter a creepy otherworld. There are no figures on the street, and there is a silent ruin all around. There was only one dark moon in the crimson sky. In this desolate world of "Red Nights", the places that take place are creepy alien enemies.   Driving Yuki discovers that other people who enter the world of "Red Night" are people who can manipulate yin and yang to fight off enemies. The companions encountered in the world of "Red Night" are all driven by unimaginable superpowers. Later, it was discovered that a certain amount of time had passed back from the "red night" world back to the real world. The time to enter the "red night" is always very sudden, and two people are often exposed to danger… The number of people who can enter and exit the "Red Night" includes a total of 6 people. Because of the same fate, so they will cooperate to solve the crisis.   This is a story of brutal fighting among teenagers that takes place in the world of "Red Night". In the world of "Red Night", there are undead "dark elves" gathered. But the real threat to drive them away are the 6 aliens known as the Black Knights." The Black Knight", with the aim of killing the exorcisms, attacks them in the "Crimson" world.   However, the "Black Knights" can understand people's words, calling them "fragments" and attacking in a unique way. It's just impossible to know the true purpose of the "Black Knight".

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